Why Nigerian Executive Is Attacking Me For Attending WEF In South Africa “Oby Ezekwesili”

By | September 23, 2019

Former Minister of Training, Oby Ezekwesili has said the Nigerian govt’s attack on her personality for attending the Global Financial Discussion board, WEF, in South Africa is a part of an inexpensive and annoyed way made to frighten, slander, denigrate her in each and every probability.

Ezekwesili, in string of tweets said”You could be naive to consider that the mob movements the Nigeria Executive meant, incited and orchestrated from me used to be”since she travelled to WEF on every occasion the rustic boycotted it”.

No. Slander, part of an inexpensive way designed to frighten, denigrate me.

A Nigeria Executive who had a lot of its top rating and coffee rating officers in South Africa once I got here for WEF on Wednesday mischievously rolls from that the drumbeats of moves towards mepersonally, a non-public citizen for”disregarding the boycott of WEF.

Watch the rest of her tweets underneath. .

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